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Many people know that a monogram is lettering stitched on clothing or accessories or some letters together to identify somebody or something. What a lot of persons don't know is how monogram became popular or the history of the monogram.

In the past the monogram has been used as a sign of royalty. The Romans and the Greeks both used them on their silver and gold money to praise their leaders. Then artists started to use monograms to sign their completed work. In the Victorian era, high class people used the monogram for their own use as a sign of their position in that society. Today monograms could be seen on almost everything like purses, bags, towels and clothes. Towels are maybe one of the more popular things to get monogrammed. Newly-married people will sometimes choose recent towels and maybe monogram bathrobes.


You can look everywhere and probably locate a monogram. Luxury vehicle car companies occasionally monogram their car's seats. Monograms are occasionally used for company and business logos, and persons walk all over with jewelry and bags that have been monogrammed.

In the past, the guidelines to follow for monogramming were pretty simple and easy. Monograms for girls had the first on the left, center first on the right side and finally stitched bigger around the center.  A monogram could be playful, funny, sexy or anything else. The amount of decisions for today is endless. A lot of people even decide to use the traditional Victorian style, except now there's a traditional male model of first center last all around identical shape size, and there are many different styles from which to choose.

Having your initials on a personalized bathrobe is very cool and a great gift everybody enjoys.

Monograms for married couples normally consist of the bride's initials on the left side, and the groom's initials on the right side. Because the woman normally changes her last name after being married, the monogram for the woman's initials should match the last name of her new husband.

With monograms growing in popularity and the crazy circumstances that pop up while adding names, traditional monogramming isn't as popular as it used to be, or mandatory. Nonetheless, it could be helpful if you remember some specific rules about monogramming before creating your own monograms.


The "rules" are more flexible today, except for the extreme purist people, there are some standards. First off, monograms with 3 letters are usually Victorian style format of first middle and last. But when you're getting a monogram you should buy it the way you like it, not just because of an old tradition. If you want giant letters, or letters that are not aligned this is your choices and you should go for it.



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These are our most popular monogram fonts but if you do not see one that works for you please contact us to discuss other options.  We do offer an interlocking script front for 3-inital monograms. That font is considered custom and requires layout and proofing. Please contact us to request the interlocking font as well.  We can stitch names, 3-initial monograms or single initals on items from shirts to bags, baby gifts, towels and more. Please contact us for easy local drop off details in south Charlotte, NC.

While we do monogram lots of items, we prefer not to stitch heirloom items including baptismal gowns, linen shower curtains and duvet covers. These items in many cases have greater sentinmental quality that we could afford to replace in the event we encounter an issue while stitching them. We hope you understand.  Pillow shams and pillow cases are no problem however and we can also monogram pre-cut fabric for home-decor pillows.

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Our new selection of umbrellas is great for business and leisure use.  Not all umbrellas are suitable quality for monogramming. A gift that will continue being used by recipients year round.  Great wedding party gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen.  As these are from our Promotional Products Line there are minimum quantity requirements depending on whether you will be monogramming or screen printing the umbrellas and how many you purchase.
The Revolution! 42" arc auto open, folding umbrella with new Wind Reflex frame. If umbrella inverts, it will come back without damaging the frame of the umbrella. Many colors to chose from. Matching rubberized handle and nylon sleeve. Folds down to 15.5" in length. Available in over 25 colors, including pink and other hard to find colors! A Best Seller!
Monogrammed Umbrellas for Wedding Party Gifts - Prices starting at $16.00 ea including individual monograms for 6-12 pcs
2351mm orange 2351mm purple 2351mm pink 2351mm red 2351mm royal
2351mm black 2351mm burgundy 2351mm brown 2351mm hunter 2351mm navy
2351mm fuchsia 2351mm teal 2351mm white 2351mm yellow 2351mm lime green
2351mm grey 2351mm khaki 2352MM kelly white 2352MM hunter white 2352MM black white
2352MM navy khaki 2352MM red white 2352MM purple white 2352MM orange white 2352MM burgundy white
2352MM navy white 2352MM royal white 2352MM red white navy 2352MM red black 2352MM black khaki
 *While the quality of our umbrellas can endure monogramming, they will lose some of their water resistant capability in the monogram area as needles penetrate the threaded area numerous times during the monogram/embroidery process. We do not guarantee it being leak proof once monogrammed.
Screen printing in larger volumes is available for company logos and for sporting events.  This process does not impact the weather resistance of the nylon. Minimum quantity required for screen printing umbrellas is 50pcs. Please email or call to get more information 704-907-9743.
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